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Young Drivers

Because we care about the drivers of tomorrow, we have negotiated some options and offer guidance for young drivers, ensuring they get on the road as safely and as cost-effectively as possible.

We understand that being a young driver is often daunting with the extortionate costs of learning how to drive, having a car, and the price of insurance. At Plester Group, we have your best interests at heart and have provided solutions for young drivers that enables them to get on the road.

New Driver Insurance
We do not discriminate against young drivers, finding this approach unfair and unnecessary. Instead, we use clever black box technology which can assist you in driving safely. Our cover even lets you start building a No Claims Bonus straight away.

Our Black Box is sent to you and is installed free of charge. With this, you are given a grace period so you can start driving straight away. This allows for a maximum discount from the outset, because we trust you to be safe and responsible on the road. There are no curfews, penalties or extra charges for driving at night. We then provide online feedback so you can review your journeys and have the chance to take free e-learning modules to develop safer driving skills.

The vehicles we quote for can be no more than 6 years old and a maximum engine size of 1.4 litre, this giving greater emphasis on safety, which is of paramount importance to us.

Cars for Young Drivers
An affordable scheme that encourages new drivers to buy and insure a new car.

We want nothing more than to see young drivers out on the road, safely and affordably. Our relationship with insurers Marmalade, means we have access to the Fuel & Go scheme, designed to help new drivers buy and insure a new car without having too much worry about the cost.

With the Fuel & Go scheme, you can have a brand-new car, 12 months’ free insurance and a low insurance deposit of just £500. You can save money by choosing a safer car, with a smaller engine, and with a fitted black box that helps reduce your insurance premiums.

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Learner Driver Insurance
Learning to drive is overwhelming enough without having to worry about insurance and its costs. That is why we offer a flexible, affordable scheme.

Working in a close partnership with Provisional Marmalade, we provide an affordable and flexible insurance cover. From as little as £85 for 30 days, you can practice in your parents’ car, without harming their No Claims Bonus, or even learn in your own car. You may also extend the length of cover you need up to 90 days.

We insure cars up to Group 32 and with a maximum value of £20,000.


In the event of needing to make a claim, you will find our in-house claims team helpful, honest and knowledgeable.

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