Personal Insurance

Ex Company Car Drivers

An insurance product designed for those who no longer have a company car but have a claim free driving experience. You may have purchased your company car, have opted out of a company car scheme or have reached the end of your company car lease and are organising their own vehicle arrangements or just simply retired.

For whatever reason, you are no longer participating in a company car leasing agreement and it is time to arrange your own insurance. However, with these types of leases you usually lose your No Claims Bonus when the car is handed back. This makes finding insurance for your personal car or vehicle a little bit more complex.

At Plester Group, we understand the plight faced by former company car drivers and are able to assist in arranging comprehensive insurance solutions for your vehicle at the price you deserve.

Once we have established your requirements, we will search a panel of expert motor insurers to provide the level of cover that most accurately suits your needs. We can also advise on current company car drivers and those without a No Claims Bonus.

In the instance of needing to make a claim, you can trust that our in-house team will handle the process for you.


In the event of needing to make a claim, you will find our in-house claims team helpful, honest and knowledgeable.