Commercial Insurance


Such a diverse industry requires an extensive insurance cover tailored specifically to meet the needs of the client and their business. We understand that each project or contract will be different, that is why we deliver an insurance policy that complements your individual requirements.

We have extensive experience providing insurance for the construction sector and allied trades, and can arrange a policy that takes into consideration the requirements imposed by specific contractual conditions. This can provide cover against all insurable risks, including: delay in completion, legal liability, inherent defects, pollution, loss of profits, restrictive covenant and so forth. 

As requested, we can also arrange third party liability, which is essential if you employ contractors and subcontractors, such as welders, scaffolders, engineers, demolition staff and ground workers. Our policies can be arranged on an annual, project or one-off basis, depending on your requirements.

Our experienced team will establish your requirements by getting to know your business completely and will advise you on the most appropriate insurance solution, ensuring maximum protection.


In the event of needing to make a claim, you will find our in-house claims team helpful, honest and knowledgeable.

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